MLC 2006

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) is an International Labour Organization convention established in 2006 as the fourth segment of international maritime law  and embodies all up-to-date standards of existing international maritime labour Conventions and the fundamental principles to be found in other international labour conventions. The Convention  lists conditions of the contract and payments, as well as the working conditions on ships. It is confirmed herewith that Euro Shipping Services Ltd assists the Seamen in finding decent employment and work for overseas shipowners and therefore acts in accordance with the provisions and regulations included in the MLC 2006 Convention and the applicable Polish provisions.

The list of provisions of law regarding recruitment
  1. MLC Convention
  2. Act of April 23, 1964 on employment promotion and labor market institutions.
  3. The Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
  4. Regulation on the training and qualifications of professional sailors.

In accordance with the Art. 23 of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform that::

  1. Euro Shipping Services Ltd, located in Szczecin 70-656, 9 Energetyków street, suite 110, registered in the District Court in Szczecin, Szczecin-Centrum XIII Business Division of the National Court, entry reference nr.: (KRS) 0000203187, tax identification nr.: 955-18-92-921 and the statistical reference nr.: 811669669, represented by the President of the Euro Shipping Services – Mr. Arkadiusz William Granek, is the administrator of Mr./Ms.’s personal data.
  2. Your personal data will be processed for the purposes of the recruitment and signing a contract with a shipowner.
  3. Your personal data will not be disclosed to other parties without your consent.
  4. You have the right to access the contents of your data and to correct them.
  5. Providing personal data is voluntary.
The Recruitment and the Job Placement for Seamen Procedure
  1. The purpose of the procedure: acquiring of crews by the recruitment and job placement agencies for seamen for the vessels to the specific needs of the shipowners.
  2. The scope of the procedure: the above mentioned procedures apply to recruitment and job placement of seamen.
  3. Introductory data of the recruitment and job placement process: obtaining an written request by the particular shipowner regarding recruitment of candidates (seamen) for ships.
  4. The process of the recruitment and the job placement for seamen procedure:
    • Receiving and the analysis of the request provided by the shipowner
    • Verification of the internal human resources in the company’s data base
    • Placing an ad – optional (current recruitment of candidates)
    • Verification of the age of consent of the candidate (18+)
    • Placing candidate/candidates to particular positions
    • Required documentation: candidate’s CV or application
    • Interview with the candidate previously chosen
    • Acceptance of the candidate by the shipowner
    • A detailed offer of employment terms and conditions agreed upon with the candidate
    • Acceptance of the terms and conditions by the candidate
    • Learning of the Company’s Policy and the Law on the Protections of Personal Data
    • The interview is led by the Crew Operator
  5. Conclusive data of the recruitment and the job placement process:
    • Signing the contract on behalf of the shipowner with the seaman.
    • Transfer of the protective clothing (if required by the shipowner)
    • Instruction regarding getting to the work place on a ship (in oral or written form)
    • Introducing the data into the internal data base (new contract)
    • Permanent e-mail of telephone contact information with the seaman or the seaman’s family
    • Instructions on the return from the ship to the place of residence (in an oral or written form)
  6. The employee of the agency, referred to as the Crew Operator bears the scope of responsibilities and entitlements in the process or recruitment and job placement. The Crew Operator is required to prepare a full process of recruitment and organize a safe and efficient reaching the work place and going to the place of residence from the ship.
  7. Annexes
    • The registration of the seaman including the qualifying documents (required certificates) are later referred to as application
The procedure in case of complaints

The subject of a complaint may be in particular neglect or improper fulfillment of duties by Euro Shipping Services Ltd or by its employees, violation of law or the interests of the applicants, as well as chronic or bureaucratic errands.

Required documents

A complaint is sufficient in:

  • Written form
  • Telefax
  • E-mail
  • Personally (orally to the protocol)

The complaint should refer to the business activities of the Euro Shipping Services Ltd agency, and it should include a brief description of the activities, which, according to the seaman, could be performed differently or better.

The place of settlement of the matter

The place of recognizing the complaint is the office of the Euro Shipping Services Ltd
Ul. Energetyków 9, room 110
70-656 Szczecin, Poland
Phone: 0048 (91) 462 35 99, Fax: 0048 (91) 462 35 65

The consideration of the complaint

The complaint is considered by the President of the Board of the Euro Shipping Services Ltd, who shall learn the complaint and verify and compare the description with the occurred situation. After the analysis of the provided information, he determines the method of settling the matter. The copy of the complaint and the answer to it should be inserted to the file folder entitled: “COMPLAINTS”


The party does not pay any charges

The deadline of settling the matter

In accordance with the Art. 237 of the Administration Code (Kpa) – the appropriate entity to consider the complaint should settle the complaint without any undue delay and not later than within 30 days.

Complaint procedure - Compliance with Standard A5.1.5 (4) of the MLC


Each Sailor before boarding a civil service contract and civil service, one on board “Complaints Compliance” Compliant with Standard A5.1.5 (4) of the MLC Convention, in which the data is provided (Phone Names and E-Mail Addresses Targeted to the appropriate authority:

1. Owner – a person designed by a shipping company to handle a complaint (DPA)

2. Bandage in the State – contact on complaints to the flag State (FLAG-A & B)