Szczecin located EURO SHIPPING SERVICES LTD was founded in 1998.  The company’s focus is the Polish officers employment and job placement. Our Certificate Nr. 9736 confirms our company is listed in the Register and Directory of the Employment Agencies.  Every shipowner , we represent and / or work for, offers work aboard the following vessels: coasters, bulk carriers, container ships, car carriers and multi-purpose vessels.

The work is offered are for merchant navy officers and job placement for the students from Maritime Academies, who have a chance, through our company, to obtain job placement as Seaman Apprentices.

The offered contracts are mainly based on the ITF collective agreement and are in accordance with the individual employment terms and conditions defined by the shipowner, and  subject to the law of flag.

Good relations between the seamen and shipowners tell the best about work conditions and qualifications of the employees recruited with our assistance.

We render the following services for seamen:

  • We recruit those who meet the shipowner’s and  their own expectations
  • We prepare the necessary documentation (contracts in English, civil law contracts)
  • We apply for required visas on behalf of employed seaman
  • We arrange the employees’  trip to the airport and from the airport to their place of residence
  • We issue certificates regarding the contract employment at the seaman’s request or the authorized persons
  • We provide help in all disputes between the shipowner and the seaman

The services of recruitment and job placement as well as assistance in applying for visas and the flag country documents, rendered by the Euro Shipping Services Ltd in Szczecin, are free of charge.

The services of recruitment, employment and  job placement rendered by our company are conducted transparently, and the seamen are informed about the terms and conditions of the employment, the contract, the rights and obligations regarding the job offered by any foreign shipowner.

Our company cooperates with recognized shipowners only, who guarantee to  respecting seamen’s rights and fulfills the provisions of the contracts and commits to react and reliably consider all complaints and questions of the seamen and their families in relation to the performance of the seamen’s work for the foreign shipowner.

We do our best to ensure that working with us is based on mutual trust, excellent service and professional activity.