We provide attractive contracts for seamen –  officers and other crewmen with the reputable shipowners around the world.

O Firmie

We offer the shipowners trained and educated crew members, who will provide a safe and efficient management of the ship, adjusting to the needs of a shipowner.  We can provide experienced, properly trained crew with appropriate certificates in accordance with the STCW and MLC 2006 standards and conventions.

Euro Shipping Services Ltd. was founded on 3 September 1998, from the very beginning, offering high standard services, offering good contracts to the seamen as well as providing required employees to the shipowners.  We always make sure, that all employment offers are in accordance with the international standards; Besides, complying with the MLC 2006 policy allows us to offer our clients high quality services, combined with the seamen’s satisfaction, make them satisfied with the work offered.


  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Efficient Management

We also put attention to extend  our HR share with shipowners around the world, working in accordance with the provisions and the regulations included in the MLC 2006 convention, and meeting the Polish Law and regulations.


  • We offer the best, well qualified crew,
  • We introduce innovations to the our clients’ ship management system,
  • We can offer the seamen a significant amount of job offers,
  • Thanks to the constant development, we work for more and  more shipowners and therefore we may offer a choice of ships for our seamen.


  • To focus on the quality of services improve,
  • To provide the best job offers and the best shipowners,
  • To introduce innovations and safely and efficiently manage our clients’ ships.